About This Blog

It all started with a simple conversation.

(One - 21:19) Wallsy: http://i.imgur.com/lD2kQ.jpg
(One - 21:18) Cherttx: can't see it on my phone, what is it?
(One - 21:20) Aikanaro: It is a single-panel comic depicting a line of people sitting at a bar. The barman is holding a pizza, which he presents to a girl(?) sitting on one end. He says 'From the gentleman at the end of the bar' and the gentleman in question is holding up a pizza slice.
(One - 21:20) Aikanaro: It is funnier in picture form I guess.

I was inspired. I knew that this thing must be. So I clicked the "create a new blog" button, selected one of the default themes and here we are.